Our Approach

We apply technology to simplify personal finance

Our Approach

We create fintech start-ups that thrive.

By applying technology to promote financial inclusion, we build long lasting companies that can improve people’s lives.

We believe that technology applied to analyse alternative data can crack the code to serve billions of unbanked individuals across emerging countries. Our brands reach millions of people every year, keeping us up at night working hard to change the world. We always walk the extra mile, dealing with regulators to adapt our technology into compliant formats for retail innovation.

International Reach

Our contrarian approach innovates where it matters.

We give nothing for granted and build our stuff from the bottom up. Taking what works from the current industry, we innovate by a high order of magnitude to solve practical problems of the masses.

By the numbers





8 seconds

Processing Time


Registered Users


Average loan

15 months

Average Term


Renewal Rate


Customer success will mean our success.
— Marcelo Barreneche - Founder of Moneybaba

Our Business Cycle



We start by identifying a financial problem that affects millions of people. Next, we analyse the current solutions out there in the global market to understand why it’s done that way, and assess the reasons of why some attempts which tried to change the system failed. To wrap up, we elaborate practical solutions that might be able to solve the problem with the less possible friction.



Our development team is passionate about crafting solutions that can have huge impact. We build prototypes prioritising progress over perfection to reach the market timely and gather feedback. As we gather data, our products become better, increasing user adoption, which signals our way forward.



The financial industry is highly interdependent and connected – solving one problem will have a limited impact. Once our product reaches certain traction and we prove it’s useful for solving a problem, we initiate a second stage on assessing how can this solution be extended and improved. The result of several technological iterations with critical mass of customer feedback ends up with a superior product by several orders of magnitude.



Technological progress is exponential, thus requieres companies to reinvent their products permanently. We survey our existing customers to build the next big thing.

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